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September 14, 2013
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The Bobby Plank Medal (2013) by Agahnim The Bobby Plank Medal (2013) by Agahnim
This is an idea I had almost ten years ago, but I only recently turned it into an image. Since 2004, I've chosen the winner of this award as what I considered the most amusing and innovative troll I've encountered on the internet. Only one troll can win the award per year, so usually I wait until December to choose a winner, but occasionally I encounter an example of trolling so exceptional that I offer the award earlier.

That's what has happened this year. Scott Bibby is a Wikipedian who commissioned a portrait of Wikipedia's founder Jimbo Wales from Pricasso, an Australian artist who paints using his penis and butt. Then he created a Wikipedia article about Pricasso, and added Pricasso's portrait of Jimbo as one of the article's illustrations. Both the article and the portrait are still there, although the portrait isn't used as one of the article's illustrations anymore. Even more absurd is the video, also uploaded by Scott Bibby, of Pricasso creating this painting. (Obviously NSFW, given what Pricasso's method of painting is.)

This had enough of an impact that even some mainstream news articles covered it. For example:…

The Bobby Plank medal could arguably be said to have existed since 2003, but the 2003 winner would have been Bobby Plank himself, with his trolling of the forum. (Here was one typical example.) Here are the trolls that I consider to have best carried forward Bobby Plank's legacy in the years since then:

2004: Orange in Christ
For his trolling of Christian Forums' Creation/Evolution forum, in particular his thread Evolution is a big mafia in worldwide. (The original thread is deleted, but he copy-pasted the same thing to several other sections of the forum.)

2005: The Gay Nigger Association of America (Yes, there really is a group with this name)
For the creation of the "Dumbledore Dies" internet meme.

2006: Emily Willoughby
For her trolling of LiveJournal communities devoted to Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

2007: Louis Bérubé
For his impersonation of Luis Rey, and around ten other people, at the Gondolend paleontology forum.

2008: Dipstikk
For his trolling of flat-earth communities.

2009: Krisbarteo
For his exploiting a major security hole in SMF software, and keeping everyone in the dark about whether he was a human being or a robot.

2010: Michael Coombs
For his absurdly offensive trolling at Wikipedia, particularly with the account Suarneduj (try spelling it backwards).

2011: A. K. Nole
For a much more subtle type of Wikipedia trolling.

2012: Flyff DZD
For her barely-coherent posts at several dozen seemingly unrelated forums, causing arguments over whether she was a robot or a human who could barely speak english.

2013: Scott Bibby
(See above).

The image in the center is by *EWilloughby, but I created the medal itself.
Brafisra Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
That is one epic troll!
CyRaptor Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Hey look I posted in that Bobby Plank thread. And so did John Conway. My, how far we've all come in ten years' time.
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